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Our Professional Workshop Series consists of four workshops, which are 2 hours long each. A total of 8 hours for each staff member will be accredited to the ECE mandatory 40 hour license renewal requirement upon completion of the series. Educators will learn how to encompass a nature-based education approach within their program, as well as obtain certification through the Eco-Healthy Child Care program. Furthermore, non-profit program directors will have an advantage when applying for grants that require proof that they are fostering a nature-based approach within their curriculum.

If you are interested in any of these workshops individually, but not the complete series, please let us know and we can arrange something.  



The most important part of a nature-based curriculum is actually getting the kids outside, and so our first workshop is designed to help facilitators with the fundamentals of taking learning outside.


  • how to amplify your outside space for an optimal nature-based connection
  • incorporating child-led nature play within your curriculum
  • risk management
  • preparing kids for being in the elements
  • engaging and educating parents on the benefits of children learning outside



Growing allows children to experience the wonders of Mother Nature first hand. No matter your space or budget, this workshop will get the wheels in motion to get kids growing both inside the classroom and out.


  • the seed-to-table concept
  • how to teach kids where food comes from
  • outlining the many core curriculum learning opportunities that gardening provides



This workshop is geared towards creating an eco-healthy classroom. You will learn how to bring natural and holistic elements into your space, and how to reduce toxins in the centre. Grow is partnered with Eco-Healthy Child Care (EHCC). Your centre will be certified through the simple process and guidelines EHCC offers, at no extra cost.



How can centres lessen their carbon footprint? We will be looking at fun and engaging ways to bring sustainability awareness into the curriculum through enabling a centre’s ability to practice green initiatives.


  • reducing, reusing and recycling
  • composting
  • purchasing local and sustainable goods for your centre
  • community collaborations
  • getting excited about going green!


Grow offers a variety of consulting package options, so you can find the right fit for your centre or school. Our packages are easily tailored to meet your specific needs. A Grow consultation package comprises of an onsite evaluation and interview, followed by a consultation and discussion, as well as a report on recommendations, suggestions and resources. Our main goal is to bring natural play and learning to as many children as possible, so we are flexible and willing to work with you to ensure everyone benefits from the experience of collaborative mentoring. Please contact us regarding pricing.



This single classroom package focuses on the basic necessities to start growing healthy, natural and environmentally-aware practices for your children. We will focus on the environment as the third teacher, and how to enhance your space to better facilitate learning through nature.  



This package is geared to support you through the start-up phase of your business, and will ensure that your venture encompasses the key elements to produce and operate a centre that offers children and families a natural and eco-healthy atmosphere. Parents want their children to learn and grow in a centre that values teaching children through natural means, and Grow will help you in all these aspects.


baby oak

This package is especially for daycares that work with children under 5, and will show you how to adapt a nature-based curriculum for your little ones. Getting kids outside from as early an age as possible ensures that love and respect for nature blossoms and becomes an ingrained habit.


mighty oak

This package is especially for schools and after-school care centres that work with children ages 5 and up, and goes beyond our basic Shoots package to make sure that your classroom or school is getting a well-rounded nature-based curriculum development plan. This is ideal for those that want to set an example and lead the way in the natural play movement.



This package is designed for school districts or large day care programs that have more than one location, and focuses on implementing a nature-based curriculum across a variety of spaces. Each location comes with its own challenges and unique opportunities, and Grow will help identify and manage these. This is the perfect option for those who want to make a big change and positively affect the lives of many children and educators alike.  

workshops for children

We are currently designing several fun, engaging and informative workshops for children of all ages. Please check back soon or contact us for more information. 

guest speaking

Need a fantastic guest speaker for your next event? We are happy to help! We are available for events at your centre or school and will design an entertaining and educational talk just for you. Please tell us about your event and we will get back to you soon!