Rain or Shine Campaign Logo

"Rain or Shine Outside Time" is an initiative through Grow that aims to bring awareness to the importance of sending children to their school or day care with weather appropriate outerwear. We believe that every child has the right to spend some of their day outside, despite weather conditions. The initiative includes workshops for parents, as well as classroom workshops. We are seeking support from individuals and companies in the Lower Mainland, to help families that cannot provide outerwear for their children by donating gear to centres and schools.

If you are interested in supporting or collaborating with us in this initiative, or are interested in hosting these workshops, please contact us.

Its important to send your kids to school with rain gear

parent workshops

These workshops for parents focus on the importance of getting children outside, and how they can be best prepared for the elements. These are perfect for Parent Teacher Nights or PTA meetings.

classroom workshops

These classroom workshops are about the many benefits of incorporating significant fresh-air learning time (despite weather conditions) into a centre’s curriculum, and how to overcome obstacles that may arise in doing so.